The traditional Native American worldview is animistic: everything is seen as being alive, having a soul, and being to communicate with humans. The animal people, therefore are important in Native American spirituality. Over the years, Raven has often come to me and talked to me. On Monday, I had another encounter with Raven in Glacier National Park.

We had parked at the end of the road so that I could take some photographs of the cross-country skiers. As I was backing out of the parking space, I saw a large raven in the road. Raven was posing and waiting for me to take a picture. This is a situation which I have encountered before. I rolled down the window, snapped a couple of quick pictures, then had to move because of incoming traffic. I made the loop and then, on the other side of the large wooded median, stopped. We could see Raven through the trees. After a moment, Raven saw us and flew over to us. For the next several minutes, Raven posed for us as we took photographs.

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Welcome to Saturday Street Prophets. This is an open thread.

Do the animal people ever talk to you?

What’s happening in your life, what have you been thinking about, and what’s for dinner?

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