U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (C) and Senator Mike Lee (2nd R) speak to reporters about their opposition after the Senate passed a spending bill to avoid a government shutdown, sending the issue back to the House of Representatives, at the U.S. Capitol in Washing
In case you were one of the half-dozen people in American actually looking forward to watching the tea party response to President Obama's State of the Union address, we now know who will deliver it:
Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) will deliver the Tea Party’s response to President Obama’s State of the Union address next week. [...]

“For the Tea Party movement, 2014 is not just about taking back the Senate, but it is also about putting forward conservative ideas that will allow for America to prosper. Senator Mike Lee has been both a Tea Party hero for supporters across the nation, and a conservative leader in the Upper Chamber,” Tea Party Express Chairman Amy Kremer said in a statement.

Actually, I guess it's a little unfair to suggest that only a half-dozen people are looking forward to it. Surely, the number is larger than that, even if it's only out of the morbid curiosity to see if anyone can top Michele Bachmann's bizarre inaugural tea party response in 2010.

Meanwhile, we still don't know who the GOP will tap to choke on deliver their response to President Obama's speech. The friendly conjecturers at Politico have concocted a top ten list of would-be Bobby Jindals ranging from Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker at the top of the list to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie at the bottom of the list, but their guess is as good as yours or mine. I've taken a few of their names, added a couple of my own, and put them in a poll to see if we can "outsmart" the GOP. So who do you think will be their savior next Tuesday?


Who will give the GOP's 2014 SOTU response?

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