Hi everyone. A couple of weeks ago I posted about Junkyard Johnny, our cool orange cat who was rescued from - what else - a junkyard years ago. He needed surgery on his mouth. You can read his story here and get the skinny on this awesome guy: http://www.dailykos.com/...

So, he had his surgery today. This evening we received a call from our vet with an update on Johnny. He underwent his surgery today and it was over 3 hours! Long story short and without being inappropriate by revealing our previous vet's name before finding the amazing place we go to now....the prior vet seriously screwed up Johnny's mouth. Not only was his mouth still a mess, many of the extractions that we were told had been done were not and his incisors appeared to have been broken off and the root left behind causing MAJOR infection!!! We are so upset to learn of this! On top of that due to the infection he developed a fissure in the nasal cavity causing a hole which may or may not be repaired, it has a 50% success rate or he will need to undergo an additional surgery later on. He lost all his teeth. They had two teeth that were fused to the bone and required drilling to remove and they almost had to crack his jaw  This poor fella has been in pain and we had no idea. We have extended the fundraiser until Friday as the cost is at or more than the high end estimate of $1,300. We are currently at $781 and grateful beyond words. The good news is he did well under anesthesia and he has a lot of pain medications and resting comfortably right now with vets we trust and who we know love him too. We will see him tomorrow when we bring Pumpkin for his T4 bloodwork for his thyroid and they will determine if he can come home. Please send lots of love and healing to Johnny, continue to share the page wherever you can and know how very grateful we are for your support and donations.

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