That's the only reason I'm kinda against weed being legalized in my state of California.  Weed smells like ass.  Like the ass of a pine tree after a Taco Bell binge.  

For the life of me I don't understand how people can stand the smell of that shit.

Didn't Carlin suggest that's why that shit it's called shit?  Doing it, sure, I got that -- to each their own, but that goddamn smell?  Seriously!?  Maybe it's my Italian nose.  Still, I thought there's enough garlic in my pores to compensate for that herbal essence.

I'm a former tobacco smoker.  When a decent quality cigarette is lit -- the smell isn't half bad.  It's what got me into smoking.  Yes, when you put it out, and the grease from the tip spends some time in the tray it's a nasty smell.  And probably why it's called a butt.  And I think we can all agree that a tray of tobacco butts is even worse-- especially if it's some no name 7/11 fauxbacco brand.

My problem here is that fresh burning weed smells ten times nastier than that aforementioned ashtray.  Swamp Thing's baby diapers smelled better.  Weed is that smell of roadkill... plus the smell of basil.  No, I take that back.  Pesto roadkill would smell better.  It's like a Death Valley KFC dumpster in the August sun... plus dill.

So if weed comes to California I'm going to really lose it.  Tell me I'm not going to have walk around a state that smells like ass?  We've finally made progress on our air pollution and now this?!?  

Northridge is the porn production capitol of the world, but at least the town doesn't smell like it's main occupation.

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