Since today marks the four year anniversary the Supreme Court ruled on Citizens United, Senator Mark Udall (D. CO) is joining his colleagues in calling for a constitutional amendment reversing the Supreme Court's ruling:
This week marks the fourth anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on Citizens United — which declared corporations are people and opened the floodgates of anonymous, unlimited cash trying to buy our elections.  

It's time to stem the tide and amend the U.S. Constitution to overturn Citizens United and make sure that every American — not just big corporations or billionaires — has a fair shot at making their voices heard in who runs our government.

Let's stand together and declare our democracy is not for sale.

Will you join me and sign my petition to support a constitutional amendment reversing the Citizens United ruling?


Since its inception on January 21, 2010, Karl Rove and the Koch brothers have used Citizens United as a tool to raise heaps and heaps of secret money.

Rove seized on the ruling immediately here in Colorado, funneling nearly $6 million from undisclosed donors toward defeating Michael Bennet in 2010. Then in 2012, the Kochs' secret money groups raised a staggering $400 million nationwide in an attempt to take over the White House and the U.S. Senate.

The U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on Citizens United overturned decades of commonsense law. We must right this wrong and return power to the people.

Please sign my petition calling for a constitutional amendment to do away with Citizens United before we see its fifth birthday.


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