A young Texas father began serving a six month jail term for paying his child support payments. He actually overpaid the amount due to correct a clerical error. And yet this man, this father will spend six months in jail to right a wrong that was never committed.
The legal machinations of the "new" law are a wonder to perceive. A sitting judge felt it was necessary to hand down this sentence despite the fact the man will lose his job, his home and his visitation rights.
It's clear that the legal eagles in Texas have embraced the idea that children should come first? Who ultimately loses? Why the child of course. The mother of the child, obviously like so many women intent on punishing their ex-husbands for either real or imagined misconduct, suffers little from the loss of child support payments from an ex-husband that goes off to jail and loses everything!
There are no words to encapsulate the totality of this day in crazy in Texas.

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