What follows is an announcement made several days ago, and bears repeating for those who may not have seen it via twitter or MSM news outlets

Live Q&A with Edward Snowden: Thursday 23rd January, 8pm GMT, 3pm EST

Edward Snowden will be answering questions submitted by the public on his official support site, freesnowden.is, this Thursday 23 January at 8pm GMT, 3pm EST. The support site is run by The Courage Foundation and is the only endorsed Snowden Defence Fund.
This is the first Snowden live chat since June 2013 and will last for an hour starting at 8pm GMT, 3pm EST. Questions can be submitted on twitter on the day of the event using the #AskSnowden hashtag. Edward Snowden’s responses will appear at http://www.freesnowden.is/...

The live chat comes exactly a week after US President Barack Obama gave an address in response to the public concerns raised by Edward Snowden’s revelations about US surveillance practices. In the live chat, Edward Snowden is expected to give his first reaction to the President’s speech.

Courage (formerly the Journalistic Source Protection Defence Fund) is a trust, audited by accountants Derek Rothera & Company in the UK, for the purpose of providing legal defence and campaign aid to journalistic sources. It is overseen by an unremunerated committee of trustees. Edward Snowden is its first recipient.

The freesnowden.is website was commissioned by the trustees of Courage to provide information on the threats Edward Snowden faces and what can be done to support him, and details all revelations made to date in a convenient central archive.

Some of the data that has been released and documented thus far includes:

200 million text messages a day collected and analysed

An NSA presentation from 2011 describes the untargeted bulk collection of SMS messages on an enormous scale. The Dishfire system collects nearly 200 million SMS records every day, which are then processed to extract contact, financial, travel and other information with an automated processing tool called Prefer. Several unpublished GCHQ memos shows that the agency uses the tool to access information about UK citizens it would otherwise have to make a formal request for under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act.

NSA has two data centres in China

Documents show that the NSA uses “a covert channel of radio waves” transmitted from hardware implants to compromise target computers that would be difficult to reach by other means – for example, because they are not connected to the internet.The radio signals transmitted by compromised machines can be picked up by a portable base station placed miles away. According to further unpublished documents, the NSA has set up two data centres in China – possibly through front companies – from which it engages in offensive operations.

50,000 networks infected with NSA malware

A presentation from 2012 explains that, through its Tailored Access Operations (TAO) department, the NSA has employed offensive Computer Network Exploitation (CNE) attacks against more than 50,000 networks worldwide. A published slide from the same presentation shows the distribution of networks targeted.
The list goes on and on and on.


In order to participate, you have to have a twitter account, and when submitting a question, use the hashtag #AskSnowden

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