AIPAC is now one of the major threats to Israel's security by going all-out political in the US Congress on both:

1.  Blanket support for Israeli settlements, and
 2.  Opposition to negotiations with Iran.

AIPAC is damaging Israel's security and economic interests.  AIPAC's position on Iran would prevent the critical negotiated limit in Iranian fuel processing to 5% concentrations. And AIPAC's position would eliminate  the presence of new international inspectors in the plants.  These extreme positions are supporting the case for boycotts agaist Israeli economic interests.

And by targeting the consistently pro-Israel Debby Wasserman-Shultz over  the Dead on Arrival  Iranian Sanctions bill (S. 1881), the Financial  Press  is reporting that AIPAC is losing its mojo on Capital Hill.

"AIPAC has really over-reached on this one and alienated key allies on the Hill over what really boils down to a small tactical difference over sanctions timing," said a congressional aide who has worked closely with AIPAC. "It's hard to come to any other conclusion that they aren't deliberately flaming the partisan flames for their own political benefit."
Also reported by FP is the unsophisticated approach by AIPAC here.
Michael Adler, an AIPAC activist and prominent Democratic donor, said targeting Wasserman Schultz for not supporting new sanctions legislation is misguided given her value to the pro-Israel community. "The bill is only a litmus test for the unsophisticated in the pro-Israel community,"
So blindfolded by its singleminded hawkish doctrine, AIPAC presents a real danger to Israel.  And then by using fear to enforce it in the Congress, it makes especially Democrats look weak and ill-informed.

Stand with pro-Israel J Street. Don't let S. 1881 torpedo diplomacy.

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