I know it's really easy to forget about the water crisis in West Virginia right now, what with GMail crashing and Steve Stockman going AWOL and the Biebs getting arrested for being a drunk driving douchebag, but I implore you not to. The 150 year history of the state of West Virginia has been one of poverty, pollution and suffering that has been roundly ignored by most of the nation. Below, I have some pictures of some of the baby wipes and gallons/bottles of water that were bought with money raised during the 1st Inaugural Mountaineer Bad Beard-Off for Clean Water!

Did y'all have any idea how expensive baby wipes were? Maybe I'm the outlier on this one cause I don't have any kids, but damn those things were pricey!

It's only Day 3 and we already have $95* raised, but we're still way short of our goal of $5,000. Donate here to make a difference.

*Update: In the time since this diary was posted, we have raised an additional $40! Thank you to everybody who has donated and will donate in the coming weeks. We've only raised 2.6% of our goal so far, but we still have 27 days left to show West Virginians that even though their representatives in Congress and the state legislature may have given up them, the people of America have not.

Special thanks goes out to the folks at WV Clean Water Hub for all their hard work and dedication these past few weeks.

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