The right has taken to making claims that people never lost their insurance, seemingly, before ACA, and that it is all the fault of ACA for every bad thing that happens.   These saintly insurance companies just want to do the right thing by their consumers.


(CBS Charlotte) — Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina recently cancelled insurance polices which were previously purchased by gay and lesbian couples who opted to purchase a family insurance policy from the company.

The health insurance company opted to cancel the policies after stating that the language in the respective policies was geared more towards married couples and not gay couples. Terms such as “spouse” and “opposite sex” were used in the health insurance contracts, making them invalid.

Gay couples who purchased family coverage from Blue Cross have the option to instead purchase individual health care coverage.

Next year, in 2015, Blue Cross plans to offer health insurance coverage under the family plan to gay couples. In order for this to be possible, Blue Cross must first revise the health insurance applications to include different terminology that applies to gay couples.

The couples will be allowed to get individual insurance, but family insurance will be a "NO".  

Blue Cross notes that next year they plan to offer a new policy, but it will take at least a year for them to, you know, revise the paperwork, fine tune it and come up with something.

It's amazing because I was sure that all the big insurance companies were lovable great
American stalwarts that always worked to help their customers, and darn that ACA for causing them to drop people.

I guess insurance companies drop people, regardless.   Who knew?

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