Fellow Kossacks, I posted a rant of a diary earlier tonight saying I would not be staying up for the State of the Union.

This will not be much of a diary, but I think it's important to say that the POTUS is speaking right now and the message below the fleur-de-kos floated into my mailbox BEFORE PRESIDENT OBAMA HAD EVEN ENTERED THE CHAMBER.

That is, they were calling the President a liar before he said anything!


After listening to President Obama’s State of the Union address, I’m fed up.

I’m fed up with his empty promises, I’m fed up with his lies and I’m fed up with his liberal agenda. Are you?

America can’t afford more spending, more debt and more government intrusion in our lives.

If you’re fed up too, pitch in $16 right now to stop President Obama and his reckless liberal agenda.


Mike Shields

RNC Chief of Staff

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