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A mish-mash of updates today...the third is highly significant and the last one is HUGE for ArcticStones and I:

New York: Another 23K total added since 1/20

Pretty much as it says. No official breakdown, but I'm estimating 15,400 private QHPs and the rest Medicaid/CHIP. Will know specifics as soon as they issue the official PR.

Housekeeping & "Purely Expansion-Based" Medicaid Estimate

Some cleanup and new features on both the Private QHP and Medicaid/CHIP spreadsheets.

Guest Post: Medicaid Expansion and the Woodwork Effect

The "Woodwork Effect" refers to people who were already qualified for Medicaid without ACA expansion, but who didn't actually enroll in it until after the exchanges launched, for various reasons. This number may make up as many as half or more of the 7.4 million NEW Medicaid/CHIP enrollees that I've estimated, so it's pretty important.

First Major Off-Exchange QHP Enrollment Update: WellPoint enrolls appx. 95,000 nationally

Finally, a breakthrough on the "Off-Exchange" front! No state-by-state breakdown or exact numbers, but enough to plug it into the total, anyway. Hoping for more details soon...

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