Well, you were right. You're getting shafted once more by those Sameacrat, establishment RINOs. Not only did they blow the opportunity to make the budget agreement a real, conservative step on the way to ending America's death spiral into endless debt, it looks like they're ready to roll over to the DemoncRATS on the debt ceiling without so much as a whimper.

If you want a cherry on your cake, look how they squeezed that "mew mew I'm sorry I was mean" apology from Michael Grimm, one of the few real men in the House, with the big, manly balls to show a girly-man, liberal reporter how a f'ing man settles things, man to man, in manly fashion. Man.

Just as predicted, the formerly Grand Old, formerly conservative party you've tried to reform has proved to be nothing more than the same-old, same-old Republicrat xerox. Did you really expect any different?

You really should think about that stuff you shout to your Facebook friends about "They're all corrupt!" when a Republidonk gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar or a stranger's pants. If they really are, why are you hanging out with them?

And what's that other thing you're always peddling your sister's liberal friends? "I'm not a Democrat or a Republican?" Bull. You allow one party to carve out your safe districts so you can send a few (damned few) actual conservatives to Congress. You use that party's fundraisers. You use that party's ballot access. Your signs wear its colors and your lapel its pins.

And that, dear patriots, is the problem. Despite the name assigned to you by the people who've used you, you aren't a party. The best you've been able to claim is a "Movement." Big deal. I have one of those every morning.

If you're right in all your blathering, if you're fighting for what "the American people believe," if you really represent the views of the liberty-loving makers who still outnumber the 47% takers, why don't you have a little manly fortitude and make a real party, with county and state delegates, with meetings and minutes and funders and Thomas Paine Day picnics?

In short, my manly men, why don't you put the heck up?

Because, if you won't, if all you're ready to do is trumpet around the cage for a few hours then go back to sucking your mommy elephant's teats, then don't be surprised when daddy elephant gives you a good clout behind the ear and tells you to get back to your place at the end of the elephant parade.

"Party," my ass. You're barely a play date.

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