Today, David Wildstein, embroiled in the Bridge-gate scandal and desperate for an immunity deal from law enforcement officials, admitted that he has documentary evidence that Chris Christie new about the George Washington bridge closings while the scandal was unfolding.

This leaves an opening for any one of a number of Republicans recently included on the RNC's long list of potential Hillary rivals, to make their move and begin running for the oval office in 2016. The list of heavy hitters show just how easy it will be for Republicans to explain themselves to the American people:

- Rick Perry can now explain his oops moment by providing an actual answer to the question about which departments of the government he is going to pretend to shutdown.

- Rick Santorum can explain exactly what he meant by "blah" people when describing to a room full of white people that he doesn't want to give "blah" people your money.

- Scott Walker can avoid his campaign promise of 250,000 jobs as a baseline amid phenomenal job creation numbers putting Wisconsin in 37th place.

- Bob McDonnell can try to avoid prison and then spend a lot of time on Morning Joe explaining his statement: It depends on the meaning of the word 'Guilty'.

- Rick Scott can explain his deposition video... "I don't know what you mean by predecessor." (The company he headed was named Columbia ACA>ACA Healthcare Corp.Probably an Obama conspiracy.)

- Jeb Bush can change his last name.

- Tim Scott can smile real big and show off those beautiful gums.

- Ted Cruz can keep blaming President Obama for the government shutdown in the fall of 2013 and avoid questions about why he stands quietly by while his supporters froth over birtherism.  

- Sarah Palin can feed us the longest run on sentence of all time. At a whopping 105 words this is, as David Pakman puts it, a 'war on the English language'.

- Marco Rubio can take a long sip of water.

- Condoleeza Rice can pit her time as national security adviser during 9/11 and secretary of state during the Iraq war and Pakistan/North Korea acquiring nukes up against Hillary Clinton's time as Secretary of state when bin Laden was caught and the Start Treaty denuclearized 18 nations.

- Rand Paul can threaten to quit politics if we don't elect him President.

- Jon Huntsman can pretend that he doesn't speak Mandarin and then maybe the RNC would include him on their impressive list.

There are so many potential rivals with so many clear paths to the white house that I am considering respectfully asking Hillary to step aside and, as John Edwards so eloquently put it before we knew he had a lovechild, let history run its course.


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