This is the first episode of this series. Having submitted the second episode first, it behooves me to publish this for clarification and better understanding.

Woke up and walked outside into the backyard with our puppy Maggie(Terrier). There, sitting on the rock wall fence was a huge Eastern Robin and our neighborhood's Mockingbird. They looked at one another then began a display match fight for several minutes. The entire episode was over control of the Pyracantha berries on our scraggly back yard pyracantha bush. Finally, the mocking bird flew away to his favorite retreat: our lush, large Pyrocantha bush in the front yard. The Robin flew down into the yard which immediately caught Maggie's attention so she went down the steps of the back patio, and started following the Robin. For about 5 minutes, the Robin hippity-hopped around the yard with Maggie close in tow. The Robin finally pecked at a couple of berries and flew off. Maggie jumped to try and catch him but it wasn't to be. Meanwhile, the Mocking bird was feasting on the huge amount of berries on the other bush. Moral of the story: Why get angry over little things when there's a banquet to be had elsewhere. For Maggie it was an adventure in her short 6 months of life. God has a great sense of what Nature can teach us.

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