I read today that prayer events were held in Nevada and Utah asking the Almighty to provide more water for farmers and others in those drought-stricken states. I guess this is the new strategy for dealing with climate change? Instead of taking steps to drastically reduce carbon emissions, we're to pray for rain? Excuse me if I'm a little skeptical.

Why would the Almighty want to help us anyway? I mean, we were given a perfectly lovely planet and we've trashed it. And, lately, we've been cooking it. Exactly why, then, are we deserving of divine intervention?

Not to pick on Nevada and Utah, but they haven't exactly been putting their best foot forward when it comes to reducing carbon emissions.  True, Nevada is number two in installed solar capacity, but Utah, despite being the 8th sunniest state, isn't in the top 12 for installed solar. And, more significantly, both states generate the vast majority of their electricity by burning fossil fuels.

Here's a breakdown by electricity source for Utah:

Coal -- 78%
Natural Gas -- 16%
Hydroelectric -- 3%
Other -- 3%

Now for Nevada:

Coal -- 11%
Natural Gas -- 72%
Hydroelectric -- 7%
Other -- 10%

Perhaps what's needed here is a little less praying and a lot more action to reduce carbon emissions, not just by Utah and Nevada, but by every state in the US and by every country on Earth. I'm just saying.

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