The most recent display of willfull ignorance by Morning Joe host Joe Scarbrough was aired today. As we all know the hosts are BFF with Christie. We know this because they have told us this repeatedly and we have been able to see their fawning over him at every opportunity. However, this morning they truly jumped the shark and took leave of all reality.

TPM has the full story which you may find here


When all else fails they just revert to confusion and willfull ignorance in their defense of Christie. The major problem they have is that they both have stated that if Christie lied in his now famous press conference that he is finished. So when Wildstein 's lawyer wrote that he had "evidence " Christie knew of the lane closures on the GWB at the time of the closure that was huge news because if true,  Christie lied.

There is no question what Christie said at the press conference. He was asked directly and said he didn't know at the time but learned afterword and was told then it was due to a "traffic study ".

Joe knows this fact, if true, makes Christie a liar and therefore toast. So what does Joe do for his BFF? He moves the goal post. Now Joe tries to sell the story that that was never what Christie meant. Of course he "knew " the lanes were closed because well just because. Then he obtains an assist from George Bush's PR apologist Nicole. She says it really doesn't matter because the question is did he know why the lanes were closed and this is the problem with the NYT. Republicans see things as they are but the NYT only reports items that aren't news to harass poor downtrodden Republicans.

Then the camera shots of Mika and Joe trying to figure out how to get out of the disaster are particularly humorous and revealing. Poor John Roberts apparently isn't BFF with Christie because he accurately portrays the emails and you can see Joe's reaction. I bet he isn't allowed back on the show and if the rumors are true of Joe's revengeful influence are true (ala Christie) his new show will be toast.

Since MSNBC is on "probation " by the RNC do not expect any change to Morning Joe. At the very least they should be stopped from misrepresenting and therefore commenting on Christie for the duration.

If you have the chance watch it.

10:08 AM PT: Andrea Mitchell is on now at least trying to ask pertinent questions that are framed on facts

10:20 AM PT: Chuck Todd believes that Christie wrote the response to Wildstein 's Friday letter because of the reference to high school. Interesting leap.

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