This is an interesting article in Salon by the erstwhile Occupy activist Jesse Myerson.

Why you’re wrong about communism: 7 huge misconceptions about it (and capitalism)

The 7 Topics:

1. Only communist economies rely on state violence.
2. Capitalist economies are based on free exchange.
3. Communism killed 110 million* people for resisting dispossession.
4. Capitalist governments don’t commit human rights atrocities.
5. 21st Century American communism would resemble 20th century Soviet and Chinese horrors.
6. Communism fosters uniformity.
7. Capitalism fosters individuality.

I will not weigh in on his presentation and simply present it for your information, but I will ask the following (Take the Poll):

1. We are those that believe in our existing system/history and want to support/work within it?

2. We are those that wish to overthrow the system and implement another?

Contribute if you wish.  I'm really just curious as to our communal thinking and intent.


UPDATE: Well 4 hours in and the poll is 50/50.  What does this say about electing "More and Better Democrats"?  Beats me.


Which system of Gubmint? Which are you for?

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