Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon
Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed it last year, so they're trying again.
Dear far right, if you folks want to reinvent the Confederacy that badly, just pipe up and let's talk about it. I think many of us would be quite open to sending you folks on your way.
The Missouri Senate’s General Laws Committee voted 5-1 last week in favor of a bill that purports to make it a crime for federal law enforcement agents to enforce the nation’s gun laws. Under the bill’s terms, these agents could be imprisoned for up to a year and be fined up to $1,000.
So we're going to start jailing federal law enforcement officers if the state doesn't like the laws they've been sent to enforce, now? Oh, what a fine plan. I can certainly see why that would get a 5-to-1 vote in a Missouri Senate committee in the year two thousand and fourteen. It is not at all the fever dream of backwater morons newly woken after 15 or 20 decades of slumber, no sir.

And mind you, this is a bill that passed the Senate last year, only to be vetoed by the Missouri governor for being Obviously and Demonstrably Insane. Christ, people, please tell me our American schools at least try to educate our fine sons and daughters as to the American system of governance and/or history and/or just the history of America's Worst Ideas.

That brings me to my question to the Missouri Senate. You clearly want to secede, in that you do not want to hold yourselves to American law just because it is, to use the first word of that two word phrase, American. Fine. Pass a bill saying so, and let's talk terms. I'm not saying you will get to keep Missouri, mind you, but we ought to be able to section off a nice coastal spot of land somewhere that all the new Confederates of the nation can call their own. You can have your new flag, and each of your hundred peculiar gun-related fetishists, and you have my promise that the rest of us will work very, very hard to build that new border wall you folks keep going on about.

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