When the internet was in its infancy, we got hooked up by our local ISP.  Not fully understanding the system yet, we signed up and got our email account through our provider. So for years our email was tied to our internet service provider.

One day we had some issues with our cable and decided to switch. This brought to light a problem, we would now have to change our email address. We would have to notify every person we ever emailed, and every company we ever created a login that our address is now changed. To this day (4 years later) I still occasionally come across something I signed up for that still has the old email address as my primary one.  

When we switched this time, we decided to sign up with a generic email that was not tied to any internet service provider.  So now no matter where I go, no matter who I sign up with, or where I live, I will always have the same email address.

The new email account gives me one less major thing I have to worry about should I no longer have the money for my ISP or I have to move to another state or I just want to switch to a new provider.

I have worked for companies I hated for the sole purpose of a great health plan and I have a healthy family. I can imagine the stress of someone raising a family with major health issues. Now people have the flexibility to choose work based on other factors, like their skills, knowing that no matter where they work or where they move they will always be covered.

Sorry Morning Joe folks, the ACA will not push people out of the workforce, it will give people the choice and the freedom to utilize their talents...in terms that the right can understand...as God intended.

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