Alright!  Let's do it!  We don't need a Jim Read representing my district because all us Republicans know he's going to support Obamacare and that's bad!  Come on guys, we can win this (even though I need a break)!
One can only hope that Michelle Bachmann can just pack her bags and just leave Congress ASAP because in the next eight or so months, she's still going to occupy and go crazy no matter how important the issue being dealt with in the political discourage.

Meanwhile, Democratic Candidate Jim Read is coming off a campaign kickoff event last month and his campaign for Congress is hitting full gear as he travels throughout Minnesota's 6th Congressional District.

On February 9th, Jim Read and campaign will be hosting a house party in Sartell, MN for any of you living in MN-06 who are interested in being afloat of Read and his candidacy.  Details of event are as follows:


House Party:  You're Invited!

Sunday, Feb 9th, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
504 Brookwood Ln, Sartell, MN. 56377

Join Jim and friends in wearing a political button or shirt from a previous campaign!

RSVP: (320) 433-0659

In case you didn't catch out previous coverage on Jim Read's candidacy, here's a bit of background as to what provoked Jim Read to run for Congress in MN-06:


The 6th has been safe territory for Republicans.  Michele Bachmann has represented the the district since 2007, but announced in May she will not seek re-election next year.

Read said he’s running to give people a choice. The latest congressional crisis drove him to get into the race, he said.

“As soon as the government shutdown began and with this imminent crisis on defaulting on the debt, we’d entered a very difficult and dangerous period in American politics,” Read said. “And my first thought was not can I win?  My first thought was I have to do something.”

Here's additional insight Read offers as to why he might be a credible candidate in the MN-06 race:


Further, Read said he suspects there might be a certain exhaustion among traditional Republican voters, resulting in a willingness to consider options.

First, there’s “Bachmann fatigue,” he theorized. But beyond this, Republican voters, some of whom vote for economic reasons, could be sensing the hard-liners in the Republican Party threaten economic growth rather than champion it, Read said.

The 6th District was one of the hardest-hit areas in the state by the Great Recession, Read said.

“If I can convince people that I will bring more economic opportunity to the district than the opposition, I’m in,” he said. “The burden of proof is on us.”

The 6th District economy is driven by small to moderate-sized business, and Read said he believes he has recently gained insight into the business world by confronting a bureaucratic maze in launching his congressional campaign.

Read described himself as a fiscal moderate. But he voted against last fall’s marriage amendment, he said, and as congressman would vote to scrap the remaining federal Defense of Marriage law, he said.

He views the debate over same-sex marriage as intergenerational.

“College Republicans are more comfortable with this (same-sex marriage) than Democrats of my generation are,” Read said.

Read said he sees college and university students as potential backers, more likely to vote for him than a Republican.

If you are looking to put the Michelle Bachmann days behind you and get involved in Jim Read's campaign for Congress, below are the links:
Jim Read for Congress:  http://www.jimreadforcongress.com/

Read on the Issues:  http://www.jimreadforcongress.com/...

Donate:  https://jimread.ngpvanhost.com/...

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/...

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/...


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