Welcome again to Saturday Morning Home Repair blogging, where we talk about fixing houses, the things in them that are supposed to work for us,  and fixing them up.  An ad hoc cadre of building professionals and gifted amateurs attempt to answer questions that arise from readers, and offer encouragement and advice for those inclined to do things for themselves, if they can.  We all do a lot of things, collectively, and can probably help out with insights from our vast experience.

Or sometimes, we just gab.

First, congratulations to DD73 and family on their beautiful baby girl, born 2 weeks ago today! All our best, guys...

Today, I'm going to revisist some suggestions that Claude left us with about SMHRB, after the KosKurl...

What we've done here since Claude began SMRHB over 8 years ago is a valuable resource and something that can be researched and mined for future reference. In order to do that, Claude suggested that we attach a few standard tags, plus adding our own tags, of course. They are:

SMHRB, diy, community (optional: Saturday Morning Home Repair)

The above block-quoted intro (Thank you CJB!) is a great boilerplate greeting... or a dodge when we don't have an actual topic, but need to get the shop open. (Yeah, I'm talking about me...)

One thing we've gotten away from is Claude's encouragement to have everyone recommend all comments in SMHRB. It's not about the quality of the comment, ok - we're here to encourage, and the author at least should make it a habit to uptick every comment, no?

As a personal rule, I try to revisit each diary later - that night, the next day, and even into the beginning of the week, since I often find late questions that have no replies. (Thanks again, Glen!) Authors, it's your diary/day, so please follow through if possible, or leave a comment that you'll be away and one of us will check for stragglers. I just hate to leave anyone behind...

And speaking of authors - to become one, just ask! And... as long as you're writing, why not join SMHRB - which you can do by... wait for it... just ask!

If anyone has any questions NOT satisfactorily answered in a diary, about pretty much anything, just ask me, or one of the group, via Kosmail, which allows us to interact without sacrificing anyone's privacy. Most of us are amenable to getting and answering queries, so please don't hesitate if you need something. (Anyone NOT wishing to receive KosMail, please pop a comment, ok? I don't want to volunteer anyone not willing... but after all, we're here to answer your questions!)

OK - NOW you can all give me grief for my attempt at bringing a little "order" to the herd. Or just go ahead and make fun of me, I don't mind. You guys make it what it is today; I'm really just along for the ride...

Enough of my blathering! Grab your cuppa and let's get on with the business at hand - the floor is open. If anyone has suggestions to add to the above, let 'er rip!

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