Mainly for people who live in Maryland ...

the Attorney General's office has at last added what looks to be a decent search function to the Open Meetings Compliance Board website.

http://www.oag.state.md.us/... -- look mid-page.

It brings up past Opinions (PDF files) matching your term. For example, try "redact." (You see, it's illegal in Maryland for written minutes to contain redactions or have parts censored. Doesn't stop the yahoos from trying to do it, of course).

Tracking your local government through their compliance with open meetings requirements is a powerful tool. Especially, youse guys in Bawlmer, where Teh Arragance of Office runs deep and swift.

But really, it's helpful in each and every jurisdiction.

There's also an online course, at http://www.igsr.umd.edu/.... You can spend as long as you want and then save your session and come back later. Total elapsed time is about 2 hours.

If you take this online training you will know the Maryland meetings statute better than 98 percent of the lawyers in the state, including assorted Asst Atty Generals (shame, shame, shame). And you'll  have an advantage over just about 100 percent of the elected and appointed officials hereabouts.


Helpful to know.

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