When we lost Sister Kitty (born 1989) in 2005, we decided to have a private memorial service for her. First, here is a photo of her on her favorite corner of the couch.

Sister Kitty on her favorite corner of the couch

When we got her ashes from the place where she was cremated, we each wrote a tribute to her. We got a corsage-like bunch of flowers, put her ashes in a fancy wooden box we had, put the ashes and the lock of hair in the box, set it on Sister Kitty's favorite corner of the bed, and put the flowers on it. Here is a photo of the box on the bed with her favorite pink pig.

021205 009

We put a couple of chairs by the bed and sat & read our tributes to Sister Kitty, having a good cry, too.

Here are the flowers.
021205 017a

Here is a closeup of the lid of the box.
021205 014

Here are her ashes and a lock of her hair in front of the box.
021205 016

We put the ashes and hair in the box, set the flowers on top of it, and took a photo of the box on Sister Kitty's favorite corner of the couch (the corner in the photo of her above).
021205 003

Then we put the box back on her corner of the bed (with the pink pig) for a while.

When we went back to the bedroom, Brother Kitty was on the bed beside the box.
021205 013

We took a photo and had another good cry.

We love Big Sister and Little Sister dearly, but we still think of Sister Kitty and Brother Kitty every day. We still haven't decided where to scatter their ashes. They were indoor kitties, so it doesn't make much sense to us to scatter their ashes out in the yard. We'll think about it some more.

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