My first diary! It'll be short, with updates if I can figure out how to do them...

Just wanted to post that the jury has reached a verdict in the Nagin bribery trial in New Orleans. Currently waiting on all interested parties to get back to the courthouse, so I'm not sure what the verdict is. But I'll update as I find out.

10:56 AM PT: Guilty on 20 counts, Not Guilty on Count 7. Apparently it was his sons who received this money

Count 7: Bribery - VERDICT
The charge: Accepting a $10,000 bribe arranged by Rodney Williams, a principal in Three Fold Consultants.
Maximum prison term: 10 years

10:57 AM PT: http://www.nola.com/...

11:10 AM PT: Looks like he will be on house arrest until sentencing. Guys on tv are saying they think he'll get between 10 & 20 years.

Also, thanks for the recs!

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