For Valentine's Day, tonight's Netflix movie selections will be on the subject of:

Romantic Comedy

Whether you are cuddled up on the couch with someone special or simply in the mood for a love story, I hope these light and funny films will fit the mood.  Follow me below the orange squiggle for movies...


From France, 2012, comes a delightful comedy set in the 1950s.  Two-fingered typist Rose Pamphile is a young woman seeking her first job, as a secretary.  She finds work with an insurance broker, and although she is truly terrible at the job, she is also very pretty and very determined to succeed.  He takes her under his wing and begins to train her, rather like an athlete, to type.  And Rose becomes a champion, internationally famous as a speed typist.  As so often happens, her success isn't really helping their relationship...  It's a very funny movie and an incredibly stylish one as well.  Enjoy!

What Rats Won't Do

It's unusual to see James Frain in a romantic, much less a comedic role (he is so often cast as a villain), so this 1998 film from England is something different for him.  The story is an "Adam's Rib" sort of legal dual between two barristers who, although they are on opposite sides of a hotly contested inheritance case, are really very, very attracted to one another.  Parker Posey is delightfully over the top as the crass young American widow seeking to claim her late, elderly husband's estate with Charles Dance as the son who wants to cut her out of any inheritance completely.  Will love prevail?  Because this is war!

Dorfman in Love

From the USA, 2011, a story of a young woman besotted with guy who is just using her.  While he's on an overseas trip, this lonely doormat of a woman house sits at his new loft apartment to feed his cat and organize all his stuff.  But wait, who is the exotic young man in the elevator?  You guessed it, someone changes before the manipulative guy gets home...she finds self respect, a new look, and more.  Sara Rue, an actress I like so much, plays the young woman and gives us something to root for.  Elliot Gould is a hoot as her dad.

I Hate Luv Storys

From India, 2010, a satiric take on Bollywood romances (specifically Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge).  It is set on a Bollywood movie set -- and the sentimental Simran is running the art department.  She's engaged to the perfect guy, Raj, who buys her a white flower everyday.  She believes that she lives a perfect life (it's Bollywood "filmy" -- that's a word!).  But then Jay (played by Imran Khan) comes to work for her and throws a spanner into that perfect world.  He's not really sentimental.  He doesn't care for "filmy" love stories.  But he does get that Simran really doesn't like white flowers -- her favorite color is red.  He sees her clearly and respects her -- and that's sexy.

Come into the kitchen, tell us about your day, your plans for the weekend, and everything!  And of course, if you have a favorite romantic comedy, please share that as well.

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