Gompers School, Madison, WI
I do not often write about marriage equality. I figure as divorced heterosexual single father that I don't really have much to say about it. However, I do believe that two people who love each other have the right to get married. Hell, I don't even care if they love each other, if they want to be together in a marriage I just hope it works better than mine did.

Today a friend of mine, whom I have know since childhood, posted the above photo on her facebook page and said, "Times are a changin'! You go Gompers! ACCEPTANCE!"

I liked the photo and then someone had to complain about it with this statement "OMG! The agenda push just grows and grows. Very upsetting."

I responded, "What agenda? That everyone is created equal?"

He then responded with, "Hahahaha yeah Ok Mark. Its a school you douchebag. Sexual practices have no business in a school and all you.... I wont even say it, that push it, should be ashamed of yourselves. And just to be clear, I could care less what you do in the bedroom, I sure as hell wont push my bedroom activity's in your face , why do it to ours? Because you have an agenda! and who in Hell said it was OK to fly that flag on a public school anyway"

My response:

Douchebag? Okay you want to play that way. I will do this without the name calling - will not stoop to your level.

If you think it is about sex, you are wrong. If you think it is about pushing an agenda, you are wrong. If you think it is about pushing someone else's bedroom activities in your face, then you are sticking your nose where it does not belong. It is about equal rights and living in an inclusive society. Not one of hatred and bigotry.

I suggest that you look back to the 50s and 60s when your attitude was prevalent in the American south...and xxxx and xxxx marriage would have been illegal. You sir, are using the very same arguments to justify your bigotry today that were used 40 and 50 years ago to deny people of color from having equal rights.

There were a lot of folks in the American South that were on the wrong side of history in 50s and 60s - and folks like you are on the wrong side of history today. It is unlikely that any of this will change your mind, but I suggest you look at news footage of the civil rights protests and listen to the bigots and what they said then. They sound pretty silly in today's context. Just like your argument will sound in just a few years.

This will not change his mind - but times are changing for the better. I will take a loving, accepting, inclusive society over one filled with hatred and bigotry.

Originally posted to Mark E. Andersen (Kodiak54) on Fri Feb 14, 2014 at 01:48 PM PST.

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