In response to comments I made in the description of my YouTube video posted here:
From : Ali Frazier (Google+)    

"Considering that the Koch brothers are billionaires with LESS THAN SAVORY reputations for activism.... blah blah blah...."

Really Lyles? Really? Tell me, can you identify with any specificity any LAWS they broke in pursuit of 'political activism'. I love how nit-wits like you assume others automatically agree with such half assed OPINIONS stated as though they were a FACT.....
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It's interesting that someone would defend the Koch brothers and not as a viewable comment to the video, but sent in an email. I looked the guy up on Google plus and he doesn't look particularly remarkable accept that by his other comments, he might have money. I never claimed that the Koch brothers did anything that was overtly illegal though I do respect the extraordinary fuck-with-your-life capabilities of any billionaire.

Video description

Involvement of the Koch brothers in the Debt limit stand-off last Fall 2013 might have been more about the acquisition of Federal assets than anything else. This video was originally uploaded several months ago but recently started having technical difficulties. Considering that the Koch brothers are billionaires with less than savory reputations for activism, I have taken the liberty of distributing copies of this video to various trustworthy sources for safe keeping and release.
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