Regarding her arrest today in Washington, DC, my wife, Janni, has asked that I post the following statement: "Today I traveled to our nation's capital to protest our country's unjust and harmful immigration policies. Congress' resistance and delay in passing sensible comprehensive immigration reform and the Obama administration's continued deportation of immigrants has resulted in needless suffering, the separation of families, and the isolation of children without parental supervision in our country. I stand with my brothers and sisters of the United Methodist Church and other persons of faith in demanding immediate change toward a more actively humane, just, and compassionate approach to immigration. Christians often wish for clarity from the Scriptures on important social issues. Nowhere is Jesus more clear than on the issue of immigration, where in Matthew 25 he provides not only his command to us but his judgment if we do not comply. I am grateful to live in a nation where we can address our grievances to our government, and call for changes that will create a country that can live up to our high values. I am also grateful to my friends and family who stand with me, sometimes because you support my position and sometimes simply because you love me and respect God's calling to me on this matter. I would ask that each of you prayerfully consider your own position, voice and personal action about immigration reform as you accept the power God has given you to resist injustice, evil and oppression, and as you join with other people of faith to transform our world for good."


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