The modern Democratic party is a pathetic bunch of Wall Street hacks and the Clintons are to blame. I am not going to mince words. President Clinton raised a lot of money from Wall Street and continues to benefit from the relationship he established with Wall Street when he was President.

Hillary Clinton retired as Sec of State and has made a killing giving speeches to corporate folks. She makes anywhere from two hundred to four hundred grand a speech. A fucking speech!! She gets flown in private jets to and from these speeches. The fucked up thing is Hillary Clinton is about as qualified a person there is to be President. She has a great resume, but she has one glaring massive fucking problem and that is she is a neo-liberal Wall Street Democrat and she has a long track record to prove this.

Right now our economy is not doing well. If we want our economy to do better we need to stop trying to re-inflate credit bubbles and start just putting money into the hands of the people who are going to spend it. We need politicians willing to explain in no uncertain terms that we have a demand problem in our economy and the only way to stimulate demand is to put money in the hands of the consumers and have them consume. We don't need any half ass bullshit supply side talk about tax breaks for businesses that hire. Businesses have no reason to hire if there is no increase in demand for their goods and services. It's really that simple. We need a group of politicians to work together to spread the gospel of demand side stimulus. We need the modern Democratic party to get on the same page and sing the same song about putting money into the hands of the people who drive the economy the everyday consumer. Be them white black brown short tall gay or straight if they have money they will spend it. Just look at how little we save.

Hillary Clinton is going to be the lighting rod in our fight to clean up the modern Democratic party. Like it or not this fight needs to happen and Secretary/Senator Clinton is going to be the one bruised at the end of it.

Now everyone to their battle stations. Has anyone seen or heard from Ralph Nader? What's Michael Moore up to? And can someone teach Chris Hedges how to write in language that doesn't grate on every last one of my nerves?

This is not going to be fun at all.



Now a little pre-war entertainment...

This video makes me smile.


If I’m ever in a coma, I fully expect each and every one of you to draw a dick on my face.

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