Stop saying income inequality

It’s income inequity. I don’t want anyone’s billion dollars. I don’t want everyone to be billionaires. I don’t want to give your money to the poor. I don’t want to give anyone’s money to the poor. If incomes were equal in this country and my math is correct (it might be correct) everyone would be making $50,000 a year. I don’t want that either. It is that the incomes are not fair; not that incomes are not equal. If your only opportunity is to work jobs that keep you poor you are being cheated by someone who is probably doing obscenely well. That’s the problem. He doesn’t owe money to the “poor” he owes money to the people who are making him rich.

Income equality is unfair, unattainable and ridicules. Let’s just pass laws for fairness in the system.  Raising the minimum wage is an absolutely necessary first step. The second biggest step is to somehow get unions going again. Everyone I know (and I mean everyone) thinks that unions are run by thugs, force people to be lazy and destroy business. Unions where is your push to change this perception? Advertise, shout or something. Where is that “Union Made” pride? Be in every parade, on billboards everywhere you can. If a product is made by a union I suggest that your next negotiation should be that the company must ad “UNION MADE!” glaringly in every ad.

Without unions none of this will stick.

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