Repuglican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin
OK, so this lying piece of crap email from the good folks at GOP.com just hit my inbox and I have to share it with you all. (The sender name on the email is Repuglican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, but the actual address is Volunteer@action.gop.com.)

The subject line is "I'm suing the President".

The Obama Administration has announced they’re delaying another part of ObamaCare — but not for you.

The Obama bureaucrats are rewriting the law, again, because it doesn’t work.

Democrats passed this law, and now that they’re forced to campaign on it, they’re begging for more delays. And this Imperial President is ignoring the Constitution and giving into them.

Obama thinks he’s above the law — and it’s time to rein him in.

I’m suing the Obama Administration to make sure Democrat politicians live by the same laws as the American citizens they represent.

Stand with me and sign the petition to overturn this outrageous executive overreach.


Ron Johnson
U.S. Senator from Wisconsin

OK, we already know that creating blind rage based on willful ignorance is the core strategy for GOP fundraising, but this little stinker really takes the gold in the GOP Olympic competition for best Deceptive Hatemongering.

See this email is just link bait for a petition that leads to a fundraising page.
And that's when it really gets good and stinky.

See, Repuglican Senator Ron Johnson is having a hissy fit because the President is helping the good Senator's own staffers get healthcare a little more cheaply.

A little background. Remember when Senator Grassley and other Republicans thought it would be agenius idea to force themselves and all their staffers to buy their insurance in the individual ACA marketplace, instead of keeping the benefit plan they already had? Then, when the law passed with that provision in place, many of them added it to their long list of complaints about the "tyranny" of "Obamacare".

And plenty of GOPers found themselves scrambling to avoid the consequences of their own genius strategy.

So Obama decided to take action to make it a little easier for the relatively low-paid staffers in Congress to get their health care:


Before the Affordable Care Act took effect, lawmakers and staff got their health coverage from the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program. As of Jan. 1, they must get that coverage from the new health care exchanges, but the administration's Office of Personnel Management decreed in a rule finalized in September that they could still use their pre-tax employer contributions to cover most of the cost.
Holy Hell! Obama is helping Ron Johnson's own staffers get health care more cheaply?!!
Time to sue this communist tyrant. What an outrage!
Let's fire up a petition on GOP.com and totally blame Obama and "Democrat Members of Congress"!
Stop Obama from Exempting Congress from ObamaCare
Support Senator Johnson’s Lawsuit Against This Unfair Law

Senator Ron Johnson is suing the Obama Administration for exempting Democrat Members of Congress from the ObamaCare law. It's unfair to make American citizens live under a law that politicians are exempt from.

Senator Johnson has filed a lawsuit and is willing to go all the way to the Supreme Court to ensure that Democrat Members of Congress have to live under ObamaCare – just as every other American citizen has to do.

Stand with Senator Johnson and sign our petition to overturn this unlawful executive overreach.
Paid for by the Republican National Committee. Not Authorized By Any Candidate Or Candidate's Committee. www.gop.com

See what they did there?

Sure, Obama's change to the law helps every Congressional staffer and Congressperson equally, but the lying snakes at GOP.com brilliantly telegraph to their credulous base the message that it only helps "Democrat Members of Congress".

Blind rage and ignorance. The perfect formula for GOP success.

Senator Ron Johnson and GOP.com, today you win the gold!

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