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Chris McDaniel, a state senator from Mississippi and primary challenger of GOP Senator Thad Cochran, has already gotten into some trouble for hanging out with neo-Confederates, but according to a report from Talking Points Memo, it would appear the blowback wasn’t sufficient to put McDaniel off the practice altogether.

Per TPM’s report, McDaniel’s Twitter account (which is unverified but frequently tweets material suggesting it is being run by McDaniel or a member of his team) retweeted on Sunday a message from RRSmith #WR (@rrsray) urging others to support the Tea Partyer and former radio host’s campaign. Here’s a screen shot from TPM:

The @rrsray Twitter bio describes the user as “Nationalist, staunch proponent of 2nd & 10th Amendment, GoldenDawn & Southern Nationalism.” (Golden Dawn is a greek neofascist party, recently embraced by many political white supremacists in the U.S.) - Salon, 2/19/14
Here's some more racist Tweets and Tweets expressing his support for McDaniel from @rrsray:
Now TPM did point this out:


The @senatormcdaniel twitter account is not verified but a number of tweets are in the first person. One, for instance, includes McDaniel and supporters in December.
Reached for comment, McDaniel's spokesmen did not respond to multiple questions about the tweets.

In 2013 McDaniel attended at least one Neo-Confederate event in Mississippi. Earlier in the year Mother Jones reported that McDaniel also blamed hip-hop for gun violence. - TPM, 2/19/14

This is just one fine example of the 2014 Tea Party candidates running this year.  Oh and McDaniel also picked the endorsement from the Gun Rights Political Action Committee (NAGR-PAC):


Sen. Chris McDaniel, R-Ellisville, tells colleagues about his opposition to an amendment for Medicaid expansion Friday, June 28, 2013 as the Republican-controlled Senate debates at the Capitol in Jackson, Miss. The amendment was defeated. The Senate voted overwhelmingly to renew and fund Medicaid beyond this coming weekend, when the program has been set to expire. Both Medicaid bills are on their way to Gov. Phil Bryant who is expected to sign them into law.(AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)
“With the Second Amendment under constant attack, gun owners in Mississippi cannot afford a representative in Congress who won't do more than cast a yea or nay vote on the floor of the Senate. Gun owners need a leader that will fight tooth-and-nail to make sure that anti-gun legislation doesn’t even make it to the floor in the first place,” said Dudley Brown, executive director of NAGR-PAC.

“We have only a few strong leaders in the Senate and I think it’s time that we sent them some backup. Senator McDaniel will be a strong addition and ally to the growing number of pro-gun leaders in Congress,” continued Brown. - Y'all Politics, 2/19/14

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