Wasn't someone saying something recently about unions scaring businesses that are operating down South.

Navistar just announced that they will be shifting production of their mid-range engines from their non-union Huntsville, Alabama plant to their UAW plant in Melrose Park, Illinois.  


Commercial truck maker Navistar International Corp. NAV -0.30% will close an engine plant in Alabama this summer as it moves to eliminate excess production capacity and consolidate its engine lineup for medium-size trucks.

The closure of the plant in Huntsville will result in the loss of about 280 jobs and generate savings of about $22 million a year. Production at that plant will be shifted to an engine plant near Chicago, which will add about 75 workers.

Of course, neither the WSJ article cited, or other sources I checked, mentioned the union status of the facilities.  Probably because labor costs aren't the driving factor in many business decisions and wasn't related to the issue being discussed.  However, if the story was about production being shifted to the South, we know what the headlines would be screaming, relevent or not.

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