We have some bigger problems (if possible) in Florida.   What would you think our chances of getting rid of Scott or any other republican when it is discovered that unsecured sheds with voting machines are being tinkered with and under the direction of a Republican candidate AND more... Check out the latest info in Hernando County...Ted Nuget's uncle's district ..Rich Nugent?  Here is the latest on what republicans are up to that goes way beyond purging, voter suppression, gerrymandering and what not.  


Hernando County maintenance technicians Dan Oliver and Kenneth Spahalski were checking on the progress of some projects last month when they found something that surprised them inside the old Spring Hill Fire Rescue warehouse.

Volunteers, inmates from the Hernando County Detention Center and employees of Supervisor of Elections Shirley Anderson were moving voting equipment from a substandard shed on the old, contaminated public works site in south Brooksville to the warehouse in Spring Hill.

One of the volunteers was working on locks inside the building. Spahalski was puzzled as to why someone not employed by the county would be doing that type of work — and in an environment where security is important

He turned to Oliver, a steward with the Teamsters Union, to ask. But Oliver had another concern. He was familiar with the volunteer. It was Andrew Ingoglia, who he knew was dating the supervisor of elections.

Andrew Ingoglia is the father of Blaise Ingoglia, chairman of the Hernando County Republican Executive Committee, vice chairman of the Republican Party of Florida and a candidate for State House District 35.

"That was a big concern for me,'' Oliver told the Tampa Bay Times. Oliver is a candidate himself, running as a Democrat for the District 4 seat on the Hernando County Commission.

"Seeing where Blaise is in the Republican Party and his dad working in the warehouse, that is a real concern,'' Oliver said.

He noted that he has also seen Andrew Ingoglia recently in the elections offices in both Brooksville and Spring Hill. Anderson is a Republican

We are in deep doo doo down here people... This is just in your face of what appears to me if not tampering but negilence to say the least.

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