Some amazing things are happening around the globe, and not surprisingly, the US media is actually covering them even less than it covers the Putin Fairy Tale in Sochi.

Some of the things are mind-numbingly dumb, kind of like NBC's interview of Bode. Others are shockingly good, like . . . .  hm.

Mark Harper, UK Immigration Minister.
This brilliant specimen of ineffable stupidity was in charge of cracking down on illegal immigration and illegal workers. He was forced to resign when he admitted that his house cleaner was an illegal alien.  

With behavior like that, look for Mark Harper to emigrate across the Pond and join the TeaBaggers in the colonies. After all, it is not what you do, but what you demand that others do, right?

Ray Nagin
What is absurd is not his conviction for graft and bribes. It is that Nagin is the first ever mayor of Nawlins to be convicted. Given how New Orleans became the city it now is, that is astounding.

Here are some meetings that should cause your jaw to drop.

5. China & Taiwan.
They are meeting and talking for the first time in 65 years.

4. Greek and Turkik Cypriots
They are meeting and talking for the first time in 18 months.

3. North and South Korea
They are holding substantive talks, although the backdrop of ever more deadly and bizarre behavior from Kim Jung Uh Huh makes me fear that he will arrest the SK team and feed them to starving pigs because of a perceived insult.

2. Iran and USA
They are holding substantive talks on diffusing nuclear tensions (which were made far worse by inane, almost insane interference by Bibi, who was supported by a bunch of brainless US Teabuggered congress critters).

1. Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell
They were spotted chatting in the halls of the senate. No blood was noted, and no gunshots were heard.

- - - - - -

Enough about whirled politics and events. Let's talk Olympian failures of Putanic size.

Eh, you folks. I know some of you really want us to buy your dirty shale oil, and transport it NOT to west coast refineries, NOT to Joliet or Gary refineries, and NOT to a new refinery you could build locally, and ship finished product to the west coast, but instead, you want to send it an additional 1000 miles (from Joliet and Gary) across pristine land, valuable water sources, and extremely productive farm land.

From bottom to  . . . even worse,  the NBC™ Olympic Brand & Advertising Olympics coverage:

1. Luge, card- boards, bobs and sleds

What the FUCK, NBC/ Do you really think that you have to force down our throats, some mormon family just because the little lady can raise 14 kids AND go down a mountain really fast, while never allowing caffeine or alcohol pass her lips?  STOP with the over covered family coverage.

And if you were such fantastic reporters, why didn't one of you sit second, with a helmet cam on?

Yes, the speeds were huge, yes, there was emotional tugging on cue, right between your commercial breaks (what timing!) and the actual races were neat. But there was too little of it, even though your automated cameras managed to keep on each sled each curve.

2. boards, skis and tube sports

While I found it hard to initially believe that these were actual sports, the athleticism won me over, while your coverage turned me off. How about less talk, and more sport?

3. Shuffleboard for busty female canadians
On ice. Why was it that every single bloody time that I turned on the T&V, you had this event on? EVERY SINGLE BLOODY TIME.  No wonder I started DVRing it just to maintain my sanity.

4. Ice skating and dancing.

It was hard picking the worst coverage of all olympian sports. But, your disgusting coverage of ice dancing and skating was so frustrating, so angering, that I almost threw my scotch (a very nice 18 year old Macallan's, by the way, with two small cubes, three fingers, and a nice aftertaste that is Smooth Smooth Smooth, especially after the second sip. If a flavor could glow, this barely legal scot would do so.  If you let it roll on your tongue, this complex, yet pleasing flavor fills your mouth, and other than having a mouthful of scotch, you want to say, "Ahhh." There is something appealing about . . . . Ooops. Sorry, wrong topic) through my TV set.

Take a barely clad, or clad barely body, add some wonderful music, and incredible athletic prowess, and what do you get? SOME FUCKING IDIOT EXPLAINING AND BLATHERING, GIBBERING, RUNNING ON MINDLESSLY, THE WHOLE EFFING TIME!.

U P ,
N B C !

What a horrible way to ruin the moment for me. And Honey. Several times just a s moving passage from some russian composer was on, with a beautiful bit of skating underway, your NBC inane-cer breaks in and start running off at the mouth. Both Honey and I repeatedly shouted, "SHUT UP!"  But TVs are only one way these days. (hint hint, NSA. Orwell had some great idea, no?)

- - - -

5. Bode.

Seriously, NBC?  SERIOUSLY? You sat on this video for ten effing hours, and YOU STILL PLAYED IT? It was bad enough to mike up his wifey (please, never, ever, ever do that again) but the deft, warm-hearted, empathic, and supportive way that you stuck that camera and mike into Bode's face, then harassed him until he broke down?


Quite honestly, between too much touchy feely talk, family backgrounds I did not want to hear, and too many family pix, there was too little coverage of sport. Some of the sports were fascinating, even brilliant, only to be ruined by non-stop blathering bullshit from people who seemed to be getting paid by the word.

I was sorely disappointed so far, and have no urge at all to watch any more of it.


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