There has been some criticism of Maddow for continuing her coverage of Christie's scandals.

The continuing coverage is vital to our system, especially in a case that is about the abuse of power, as well as greed.

Keeping a scandal in the nation's eyes makes it harder for local interests to dismiss the scandals without digging into the true extent of the corruption.  Christie, as many other politicians in trouble, fire some staff and declare the matter cleared up.

The John Doe investigation into Scott Walker's administration lead to 6 of his people being convicted.  Since it was a John Doe investigation the investigation records were not made public until  after Walker's election.  And now another John Doe investigation is ongoing, but Walker can claim that, since there was a previous investigation and he was not indicted, he is clean.

It is evident that Christie's power to intimidate and seek revenge could have prevented  others who have been intimidated by the local powers to bring up further instances.

And the more details that are uncovered, the more likely others to question when the same circumstances show up in their backyards.

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