Nevermind that Investigation on Walker reveals that the Governor had a secret communication network to keep his "Inner Circle" on the same page;

Nevermind that Investigation on Walker reveals that his state's public employees, were doing the Governor's private business, on the state's public's dime;

Nevermind that Investigation on Walker reveals that those closest to the Governor, had to quit in disgrace or worst -- actually had go to jail for those private activities;

Nevermind all that -- Scott Walker has one thing going for him: "At least, he’s not New Jersey Governor Chris Christie."

Wisconsin’s Scott Walker Tries To Outshine New Jersey’s Chris Christie In D.C. Visit

by Zeke J Miller, swampland.time.com -- Feb. 23, 2014

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker came to Washington this weekend with a clear message to deliver to the national press: He’s not New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Walker, who is facing questions over a newly released trove of documents from an investigation into his first campaign, has nonchalantly stopped for repeated questions from reporters, conveying a ‘nothing to see here’ message. He’s glad-handed lobbyists and activists for hours on end, unfazed by attention of the press. [...]

Six former Walker aides and allies have been convicted of wrongdoing following an investigation into improper campaign activities by official staff when Walker was Milwaukee County executive mounting a campaign for the governor’s mansion. The release last week of tens of thousands of pages of documents from that first investigation was branded as “old news” by Walker, who noted repeatedly that a Democratic prosecutor had closed the investigation last year without any accusation that he had done anything improper. ”People want to go through 27,000 pages plus of details, and our approach is ‘case is closed,’” Walker said. “A Democrat district attorney looked at it, and he’s done. It’s done.”

Walker did, however, note that the investigation into Christie aides’ involvement in closing lanes to the George Washington Bridge is “just beginning.”

That's a helluva presidential platform there, Governor Walker:
"At least, I'm not that 'other guy' who still has to face the legal music. At least, the worst of my case is over ... And guess what, I'm such a good Republican Governor -- that I got away with it.

We can't hardly say that about 'that other' Governor Guy, can we?  Think about it you big bucks donors, do you want to 'throw your good money, after bad'?

Just giving the people what they want, eh Mr Doe?    Not so fast Walker, this time around, the People will be watching -- ALL things Republican.  

Whether you got away with it -- or NOT!

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