Yet another dimension in the fascinating Christiegate saga, reported this morning in The Star-Ledger:

In bridge scandal, one lawyer could topple Christie

This opens a window into one more of Christie's long-standing 'relationships' with The Rest of The World.

Turns out Chris Christie and Alan Zegas (Wildstein's attorney) and go way back.  At least back to 2008, during Christie's infamous stint as U.S. Attorney.

Let's just say that history didn't exactly produce a friendship between these two attorneys.

And Christie will find no comfort in Zegas, who has battled him in court, accused him of playing politics with criminal prosecutions and written scathing op-eds about his attacks on judicial independence, once comparing him to King George III of England.

“I don’t know Mr. Wildstein, but he seems wily, so it’s possible he was sending a message to the governor, that I’m going to choose someone you might not like,” said Nancy Erika Smith, an employment lawyer and friend of Zegas. “Sometimes lawyers just act and don’t think. Alan plays chess.

(bolding mine)

It's definitely not Karma's first visit in this saga.

But I find it to be one of the most interesting so far.

(Per a2nite, included article title to clarify who Alan Zegas is; thanks, a2nite!  And added quote of text.  And corrected source and link.)


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