PoliticsUSA has a great read analyzing the Faux Noise video of the latest Walker-slide-shuffle-dodge when asked about his knowledge and use of the ILLEGAL network in his Milwaukee County Executive office.

Yes, by Walker's definition this is "Old News" since the interview occurred over the weekend.

Never-the-less, this video, posted here yesterday by Puddytat, of Chris Wallace trying to get a straight answer out of Walker is worth repeating, liking on YouTube, and forwarding to friends.

From the PoliticsUSA story:

Scott Walker Falls Apart When Asked About Incriminating Emails On Fox News

Another Republican hope for 2016 crashed and burned today as Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker got agitated and defensive while refusing answer questions about incriminating emails on Fox News Sunday.

Scott Walker is guilty. He can hide behind the fact that he hasn't been charged with a crime yet, but he knew that what his county workers were doing was illegal. He urged the usage of a private email system because he knew he was breaking the law.

A smart 2016 candidate would have offered some sort of pseudo apology for the whole scandal, and moved on.

And finally this story is getting some coverage by local Wisconsin traditional media - even the local Milwaukee Faux Noise outlet:
Gov. Walker faces tough questions on FOX News Sunday

Chris Wallace, host of the Fox News program Fox News Sunday said this to now-Gov. Walker on Sunday: "€œThousands of emails were released this week that indicate you knew public workers were working on county time in political campaigns, which is against the law."

"That’s just absolutely not true. If you look at the facts out there, this is old news," Gov. Walker said on the show.

Wallace then asks Gov. Walker: "Did you know there was a private email account?"

"€œOnce again, I point out the district attorney has reviewed each and every one of these,"€ Gov. Walker said.

Walker's defense?  "It's not true because it is 'old news.' "

UPDATED:  More below the fold.

From an MSNBC story today:

Walker dodges questions on email controversy

At the National Governors Association meeting over the weekend, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), caught up in a new/old controversy, did his very best to direct reporters in a different direction.

It was a pretty obvious "Hey, look over there!" moment, but it didn'€™t have much of an effect. Walker appeared on Fox News yesterday and was confronted with the questions he doesn'€™t want to answer. The headline in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin'€™s largest newspaper, probably isn'€™t the one the governor's office wanted to see: ""Scott Walker on Fox News dodges question on secret emails."

   Gov. Scott Walker declined again Sunday to answer whether he knew of the existence of a secret email system in his Milwaukee County executive office.

    Instead, during the appearance on "€œFox News Sunday," Walker called the controversy over the release of thousands of emails "old news" and said Democrats were trying to switch the subject from his budget successes.

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