First of all, no serious person would claim that having a vast spy network covering the entire country, building detailed dossiers on millions of people, and targeting social justice activists and groups, employing infiltration, disruption, and maligning tactics, is nothing to worry about, or is not an important issue.
Just drips and oozes with naassty White Privilege, eh? In my opinion, that blockquote was taken as a call-out, and inspired this one:
If the NSA is actually spending time wrapped up in Daily Kos meta, then GOOD! That means they aren't doing anything actually dangerous.
I have no evidence to support my theory, just as the writer of the second blockquote has no evidence to justify that statement. In my opinion, the nine sentences between
This, and in particular, the corresponding comment thread, are a perfect example of mob-whipped paranoia in action.
[I]f you go around accusing commenters of being "plants" and "infiltrators" and "saboteurs" without real evidence all because they disagree with you, that will be considered a conspiracy theory and subject to sanction.
are "a perfect example" of blog bullying. Take those nine sentences out and the second writer has issued a justified reminder to the first writer, about the first writer's site rule violations in naming and accusing other kossaks of being trolls/shills.

Note to the first writer:
You'll catch less flies with vinegar than with honey,
even when your other words are on the money,
and unsubstantiated allegations are not funny.

Note to the second writer: If you write a necessary reminder about the rules, but nine of its twelve sentences make you sound like a certain governor 'explaining' that he was the traffic cone guy, you've pissed on your own message as badly as the kossak you're chastising has done to his message.


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