The process of moving sucks, but those that have been following my situation as of late know it is best that I move where I live to a new place.

Briefly, I have health issues and I live on the 4th floor of a building with a usually broken elevator....trash strewn about, people urinating in the elevator when it is working, etc. It used to be a lot better but it has gone downhill in the last few months. The elevator used to go out once every few months but then it was fixed in a day or two, now it is broken for weeks at a time, and I cannot do 4 flights of stairs. An opportunity came for me to rent my best friend's house where he grew up when his mother passed away, the house had been sitting vacant and is, although in the same city, in a much better area, and for comparable "rent" so I will have a 7 bedroom, 5 bathroom house and not have to worry about elevators, trash, and all that jazz.

Anyway long story short.... it is good news, now I just have to figure out the logistics of the move, coming up with the money to do so, etc. Once I do so I can get the heck out of dodge.

Anyways, which got me thinking...songs about moving. There are a lot of them and I pulled several of my favorites out. I know I've missed several, so I am counting on you, the studio audience to supply your favorites.

So  pull up a seat. post a video or watch some videos, and mellow out, and have a comfortable Thursday night.

Billy Joel: Moving Out

Elvis Presley: I’m movin on

Ray Charles: Hit the Road Jack

Hank Williams: Move it on over

Young MC: Bust a move

Curtis Mayfield: Move on up

Paul Simon: 50 ways to leave your lover

Reel 2 Real: I live to Move it

The Animals: We’ve gotta get out of this place

Technotronic: Move it to the rhythm

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