There are days when the argument over whether this

is prettier than this
misses the point that at least it is not this

Mega snowstorms and polar vortices around here have led to icy roads, ice dams on the roof, malfunctioning furnaces, broken water mains, endless commutes, frayed tempers.

Rather than focusing on

snow parking
I figured it was time to just get out and make the most of it.
I'm an agnostic, but I do find food for the soul in nature.

Seriously, folks. In the last ten years my father, three brothers, an aunt, an uncle, serveral cousins, several friends/co-workers, and two beloved pooties have died. Not to mention difficulties with job security, finances, etc., dragging my own health (physical and mental) to the brink. Life is too short to worry about internet meta, or people honking at you because you can't walk across an icy intersection fast enough. Find some beauty in daily life.

Originally posted to klompendanser on Sat Mar 01, 2014 at 01:08 PM PST.

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