If you're watching the Academy Awards tomorrow from South Dakota, keep your eyes open for this:


As “American Hustle” vies for a best picture Oscar Sunday night, former U.S. Senator Larry Pressler will pop into the Academy Awards broadcast to remind South Dakotans that he was the lone congressman to turn down a bribe in the real-life 1970s Abscam scandal.

The 71-year-old Pressler says he’s bought two 30-second local spots to debut his ad during the awards show broadcast. Pressler is a three-term Republican hoping to win back his old seat as an independent.

Pressler makes his pitch to Oscar watchers and then airs a brief portion of the undercover tape. - Argus Leader, 2/28/14

Just wanted to post an Oscar themed diary.

Originally posted to pdc on Sat Mar 01, 2014 at 07:20 PM PST.

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