Feeling particularly feisty given all the recent hoopla I am going to virtually spam the place by doing an unprecedented second diary in two days. Now my diaries aren't very good nor do they garner much attention, but none the less this is a place where one may speak their peace for better or for worse.

I've been around over 6 years now and lurked the better part of a year prior to actually jumping in and though that may not be old school its long enough to know the place pretty well. If there is one thing this site prides itself upon more than anything else, its being 'reality based'. I take that to mean that we are willing as a community to accept the reality we truly face regardless of how much we may not like it.

My personal view of reality and I assure you I don't like it...

Currently there is a lot of discussion over the ideas of conspiracy and theories about our current political/economic situation. Now I want to state right off the bat that I do not believe there is a conspiracy. Now that I have made that clear let me unclarify it by stating I don't think it matters anyway.

An unassociated group all acting to achieve the same or very similar goals will be indistinguishable from an actual conspiracy and will still need to be treated as one.

I love analogies...

When piranhas eat a whole cow in minutes they do not have any prearranged agreement to all attack what comes in the water. In fact should one piranha make a mistake and get bit it will be eaten as well. None the less you will still have to treat the piranhas as a single mass when dealing with them.

That is what we face, a world of financial piranhas all trying to eat the value of the worlds labor, though also perfectly willing to eat each other should one slip.  Is it a conspiracy? No! Do they meet in some 'star chamber' to discuss their wicked plans? No. Are they just as much a threat to our society? Yes. Do they still need to be dealt with as a whole as if they are a conspiracy? Yes!

Now I am not going to go too far into it because if by now you can't see our government is fundamentally bought and paid for, nothing I can say will make you believe otherwise. Where many of us may disagree is in if its some big conspiracy.

I say put that aside because it really doesn't matter...

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