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Although I appreciate the platform I can not help but notice that the founders of this site alternate between entitled frat boys and DNC stooges. Their saving grace is their corralling of activist writers from across the spectrum.

I think we can do more with the internet to ensure the downfall of Republican candidates this year. Throwing pie and punching hippies is not the only reason this site is popular but because it was a vent for many during the dark years of the Bush Regime. But we can do more than vent.

Using Mark Twain's quote

A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.
As well as the Liberal dominance of the internet. While also relying on the Republican propensity for snake oil salesmanship makes Daily Kos and the internet itself perfect for the following effort.

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First we need to have every Republican candidate searched, preferably through multiple search engines, with their full name and words like corruption, bribery, indicted, charges, investigation... Just to see what comes up. If you find legitimate dirt post it here on Daily Kos. Don't forget to link the story to twitter and Facebook, and contact the local news agencies with the story to ensure they are at least aware of it. But when it comes to local news don't just stop there. Go to their Facebook and twitter accounts and post the story there too so their readers have a chance to decide of they want to know more about the story. Write a catchy short headline including the name and the crime if at all possible. If you are committed to a schedule post the story there once a day until the election is over. Never more than once a day from your account or it will be determined to be spam, I'm not even sure if waiting 24 hours will help.

Now there may actually be one or two Republicans that have not been caught with their hand emptying the cookie jar. But that is okay. I will introduce to you a concept many may be familiar with here, ratfucking. Doing underhanded and morally wrong things in order to subvert the political opponents chances.

Now how do I suggest you do that?

Make up a tale of candidate X and whatever will offend their local voters the most. We can't say candidate X was caught raping kittens because that is so extreme the headline will not be believed. But if candidate X is connected to a corruption investigation through your story who wouldn't believe a Republican was having the law look into their past dealings? Then post that tale to Facebook Twitter and of course the local news accounts. Just like you would a real story. Set up a free web page and make a post if you are uncomfortable connecting your Kos self to morally wrong posts about Republicans. I don't care if it is the Governors race or for local dog catcher ideally every Republican candidate should have this occur.

Now for you pearl clutchers that will now whine that letting the Republicans know this method in an open post.

A. Republicans have been doing this to us all along.

B. We own the internet, there is no way numerically or in skill sets the Republicans could do a fraction of the damage we will to them in doing this. We own the internet.

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