Giant virus revived from ancient permafrost
Melting permafrost could unleash new human pathogens

But the oil companies are still obscenely profitable, so "we" got that going for us, which is nice.

Obama Still Wants To Kill Wall Street's Favorite Tax Loophole


Obama’s 2015 budget will seek $60 billion tax credit by closing ‘Gingrich loophole’

AND, teabaggers hate Wall Street almost as much as Occupy Wall Street does, so we'll rally behind this, which is nice.

J/K: read my opinion below the fold.

Just kidding. This'll never pass because teabagger panderers like Paul Ryan and Rand Paul will stand in the way of it. And the teabaggers won't even notice. Because they're fucking retarded. And OWS never stood for anything, and never will.

And let me spare you ODS (Obama Derangement Sufferers) some time. I know Obama's budget won't pass. OBAMA knows his budget won't pass (POTUS budgets never pass). Harry Reid and Senate Democrats know Obama's budget won't pass. Because Boehner is TERRIFIED of being teabagged in his next election, so the teabagger caucus controls the government, right now.

Don't like the way things are going?

Blame the teabaggers. They, and they alone, have ensured our government no longer serves us, as it constitutionally should be, but rather works against us, as their wealthy astro-fucking-turfing backers the Koch brothers have bought and paid for.

Anyone who votes in a way that enables a teabagger is beneath contempt, and not worth engaging in debate due to their religiously held beliefs.

As a scientist, I make mistakes, and own up to them. I modify my theories to comply with existing data. Teabaggers still believe that making rich people even richer leads to a better life for the middle class.

Stupid fuckers.


My guess at the average teabber's IQ:

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