My car thermometer didn't get above 29 yesterday, but with the sun and (relative) warmth, it felt much warmer to me. Daylight Saving Time begins this weekend. Spring is finally coming. Going to get outside and do some walking? It's great exercise.

Daily Kos Weight Loss is a community at Daily Kos dedicated to weight loss, maintenance, and support. As with all communities, trolls are calorie-free and will be munched should they engage with us. Please feel free to jump, jog, skip, dive, or walk in.

After this miserable winter, I can't wait for real heat and light. I can see myself taking some walks through the area, watching the snow melt with joy I couldn't imagine having in past winters. How about you? Could you walk to the store, take a trip through the park, or jog over to the library?

Also, we have had our first challenge suggested, and in conjunction with the good weather, why not? Let's give a shot at the One Pound, One Week weight loss challenge!

Doctors and other reputable health care personnel say that 1-2 pounds a week of weight loss is reasonable. If you don't have a rare medical condition keeping you from losing weight or aren't on drugs that interfere with weight loss, this should be something you can do.

I, myself, probably lost weight at something approaching this level once I got going. I was already lifting weights and simply added in standing up until I was standing all eight hours I was at work. I also cut calories to about 1500-1700 a day, and made sure I got most of those calories from food by cutting out calories from drinks other than my morning coffee.

So, ready to greet the Sun? Ready for the warmer weather? Let's get out and walk!

Pink Flower Bush by Windthin on deviantART

Wild Dandelions by Windthin on deviantART

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138 on the scale this morning. How are you doing? Is the Spring calling you outside? I bet it is. Tell us about your favorite walking spaces, the beauty you've found locally, and the way you're going to get healthier now that the Sun is coming back! Or whatever else.

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