in its entirety, as if it's news.

The other news channels were covering real news -- the Malaysian crash and the Ukraine crisis, mostly.

But there's little GOP propaganda value in that, compared to a Fox-promoted celebrity speaking to a Fox-promoted conference of the far-right.

There was literally nothing new in Palin's smirking performance, unless you count her lame anti-Obama jokes as new.

While some in the crowd urged her to "Run Sarah run," she finished tied for 10th at 2 percent in the over-hyped straw poll.

We should be so lucky to have her be the GOP nominee in 2016, but not gonna happen because she won't work that hard.

It's much easier to give a couple five-figure speeches a month, and that's what she'll do for as long as the wingnut market will pay for her performances.

Here are some links to coverage of her latest performance:

Breitbart's tongue bath has the speech embedded.

National Review's mash note has "Run Sarah run" in the headline, and includes this absurd anti-Obama joke: "No, you can’t make a phone call without Michelle Obama knowing this is the third time you dialed Pizza Hut delivery."

Business Insider reports that the DNC liked the speech so much they planned to send it to reporters with this note, "We hope you enjoy it as much as we did."

The Huffington Post notes her tribute to unpopular Texas Sen. Ted Cruz by doing a jokey riff on "Green Eggs and Ham". How original!

The Washington Post also notes her close connection to Cruz, who she helped get into the Senate: "Thank you, Texas! 'Cause liberty needs a Congress on Cruz-control."

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