Okay, so she invited it with the unfortunate title of her diary (Why are you here?), but that still doesn't mean several of you have to take the bait.  Please cut the sarcasm and mocking diaries in response.    Let me tell you why I agree with her.

I WANT TO WIN.  I don't ever want to see another Republican in the White House, a horrific circumstance that would set our country back a generation or two, especially if that person had a GOP Congress at his beck and call, which the GOP is very close to pulling off in 2014.  Most of all, the diarist nailed it when she mentioned the importance of the SCOTUS.  If you have a problem with the current POTUS' appointments imagine this country with a Repugnacant appointing the next few justices?  Scalia, Ginsberg and Kennedy aren't going to live forever.

I'm even more practical than Ms. Why Are You Here?  I WILL vote for Democrats simply because they aren't Repugnancants.  I WILL ignore Green Party, Blue Party, Purple Party, Any Party that statistically can't win but could, possibly, maybe siphon enough votes from the Democrat to enable her Repugnancant opponent to slip into the White House.  Incremental change in a progressive direction is better than no change or going backwards and that is exactly what you will get being a purist.  I don't understand the logic. No one can deny that President Obama hasn't moved this country in a progressive direction.  His work on pay equality and LGBT equality speaks for itself.

And here is the ugly truth. No gloating. Just the truth.  Most Republicans are not Tea Party extremists.  Most people who vote Republican are not trying to turn the clock back to the 1950s.  Some people are Republicans because they simply love war profiteering or the opportunity to chest beat to take their minds off their undersized genitalia.  Other people are Republicans because they see the GOP as the White Peoples party, a bulwark against an advancing terror: blacks and browns and other "people of color."   And some are Republicans because of their religious beliefs.  They've bought GOP b.s. about family/Christian values and see the Democrats as the party of gays and other so-called "perversions."  At least that's what their ministers are telling them every Sunday morning.  Do you really want to take a chance that one of these fruitcakes will seize the White House just because the Democrat isn't liberal enough for your taste?

Let the right wing of the GOP continue to drag their party down.  I'd hate to see the left wing of the Democratic Party drag us down to the point where we lose the White House again and incremental advancement toward a more progressive America comes to a complete halt.

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